Aug 20

A new kind of software that you’ll absolutely love!


Tipster is a new program developed by Illium Software, which allows you to compute tips and taxes with the hassle on your pocket PC. With only a simple tap, you can easily see the tip and tax sums for your certain purchase. If you like eating outside, then you might as well have this program at hand. It can automatically compute the bill and divide it among yourselves equally, so you know now how much each of you will pay. It’s that simple. Illium definitely had done a software that’s fresh in the PC market. No wonder it already has 30,000 downloads in’s website. You won’t have to do the math anymore. Just key in the needed numbers and off you go to your next destination!

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Jun 30

Windows Phone Recognition Software: Better Speed and Accuracy

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 6.38.08 PMVoice recognition is all the rage in mobile devices, with people wowed when Apple first introduced Siri. Of course, we know that Google has overtaken Apple since then.

Microsoft, not to be completely left behind also offers a pretty solid voice recognition feature for Windows Phone users called “Speech”. The good news for Windows Phone users who like or need to use Speech is that Microsoft their Speech recognition has gotten better. In fact, the “voice search and voice-to-text” features on Windows Phone 8 phones “are now up to twice as fast and 15 percent more accurate”. Unfortunately, the improvements only affect US users for now. So international users need not upgrade your phone OS anytime soon because it won’t have any effect at all.

So for US users at least, this is another excellent excuse to chunk out your old phone and “invest your finances” in a Windows 8 phone.

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May 30

Updating the OS on Your Windows Phone

windows phonesUpdating the apps installed on your Windows Phone is pretty easy, with many apps automatically downloading software updates and installing them as long as permission has been granted. When it comes to updating the actual Windows Phone operating system that runs on your phone, you will need to hook up your phone to your PC to be able to successfully install updates.

Though not the most convenient of set-ups, updating the software of your Windows Phone, be it a Lumia or an HTC handset, is still pretty straightforward. Of course you’ll need to have Zune installed on your computer, clear enough space both on your phone and your computer, have your cable on hand, and have access to decent internet connection speeds.

If all this sounds to complicated for you, you can just follow the Windows Phone step-by-step guide on updating your phone’s software. Really, all you need to do follow the steps and you’ll have an updated software in no time. It’s quite easy and a lot less harder than trying to figure out than financial investments.

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May 21

Advantages of Pocket PC phones

Pocket PC phones are widely used mainly because of its incomparable and immeasurable benefits that users indeed appreciate. The advantage brought by this type of phones can be better grasped by simply thinking of the benefits brought by computers but in this case, think of it as a computer that can be used anywhere, anytime, and be conveniently kept in one’s pocket. From those alone, pocket PC phones can be considered advantageous but more to it being a “portable computer”, this involves much more features that of great benefit to the majority. Pocket PCs, just like the usual phones and smartphones, allow sending and receiving of message and calls. With this, communication and interaction are definitely made easier and more accessible to anyone. Pocket PCs don’t only involve that beautiful and elegant design but more to its look, these phones exhibit features that combine those that computers and typical phones have.

May 21

Smartphones versus Pocket PC

Smartphones and Pocket PC are often interchanged but actually these two vary greatly. Some bases of comparison are display, interface, and size. On display, smartphones usually have smaller screens compared to that of pocket PC which usually take up the entire phone’s space. Smartphones have that space allotted for keypads while pocket PCs are often touchscreen. On interface, smartphones are known for have a one-handed navigation. Its applications and programs, most of the time, appear in a list while its menus in grid. Pocket PCs, on the other hand, exhibit a format similar to that of computers where applications appear in large icons, easily pressed and distributed for the users’ convenience. On size, Pocket PCs are of larger sizes than that of Smartphones. Smartphones are made for one-handed use and of course, goes with ease in bringing compared to that of Smartphones which have larger screen sizes even reaching a maximum of 5 inches.

May 21

The Nokia Lumia 920

Some of the outstanding features and specifications of the Nokia Lumia 920 include its 4.5 inch-screen, micro-USB, speakers and microphone found at the bottom part of the phone, and more. Also, with Nokia Lumia 920, you are ensured of great camera features through its 8.2 megapixel camera that makes it possible for users to take beautiful pictures even in low light. This Nokia phone supported by Windows is most of the time mistaken to have poor camera but as it is stated, it is actually known for such feature. Lumia 920 is definitely is of great quality and known for its high resolution making it one of the in demand Nokia phones. Nonetheless, this phone involves beneficial applications, services, and accessories. It as well ensures quality support that enables users to enjoy its features more. Nokia Lumia 920 is indeed a recommended phone especially to those who have interest in pictures, cameras, gaming, and music.

May 21

HTC Phones

HTC phones are known for its elegant appearance and quality features. Focusing on HTC Windows phone which include HTC 8X, HTC Titan II, and HTC HD7S, these models vary in features and specifications that differently satisfies its consumers. HTC 8X is a Windows 8 programmed smartphone which is also considered to be one of most elegant looking phones of HTC. Its design alone, which includes a soft touch finish, makes more users be inclined to its usage. It is definitely a phone that one can bring anywhere and feel so proud to show. HTC Titan II, on the other hand, has quality features such as LTE 4G and a 16 megapixel camera which users will indeed enjoy. This model as well caters to video chat camera that enables easy communication. Lastly, HTC HD75 is known for its 5 megapixel camera. Also, it is referred to as a gaming phone and as well caters to an exceptional quality of music.

Apr 20

Blink: Photo App for Windows Phone 8

blink photo appTaking a good picture with your phone is really easy with camera phone specs getting better by the minute. Nowadays it isn’t even uncommon to find phones with 5-megapixel cameras or better. However, no matter how high the resolutions of a camera phone may be or how fast shutter speeds are, shaky hands and slow reaction times of the person taking the shot inevitably means missed moments you want captured. Thankfully, there are great photo apps available for phones these days that aid in getting the perfect shot.

Blink is one such photo app. Created by Microsoft Research, Blink ensures that you get the perfect shot each time by capturing a “burst of images before you even press the shutter” and “after you’ve taken your shot”. You can then simply choose the perfect shot by swiping through the saved images, which you can access on Blink. Aside from capturing a series of images, Blink also comes with an advanced image stabilization technology that “removes camera shake” so that you get more clear, focused shots on your camera phone. With Blink, your Windows Phone 8 camera phone (e.g. HTC 8X) becomes a really good investment since you can do away with expensive cameras.

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Feb 26

Kindle for PC

Kindle put e-Book readers on the map and made even the most popular tablet manufacturers realize just how important e-Book readers are. Although the Kindle versions of today are much more than e-Book readers, it is still the great reading experience and Amazon’s wide variety of eBook offerings that puts Kindle in high demand not just on the device itself, but as an app.

The good news for tablet PC and pocket PC users is that the Kindle app is available for PC, and actually has been for some time. Kindle for PC is a free eBook reader app that you can use on your Windows-based laptop, desktop, and mobile devices. This means that there is no need to waste your money buying the same eBooks in a different format because you can read your Kindle eBooks on your PC. And the best thing about it is that you can read the same book on different devices with different operating systems (e.g. your Kindle then your laptop) without having to scan pages because Kindle’s Whispersync technology will help you pick up where you left off.

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Jan 27

Wallet for Windows Phone 8

Windows phone walletMicrosoft’s Wallet service is available on all devices carrying the Windows Phone 8. However, that does not automatically mean that you can use your Windows Phone device to act as your credit or debit card. The reason for this is not that Windows has crippled their credit card feature on the Wallet, but because we have yet to hear of a mobile credit card reader for the Windows Phone 8. Even Paypal only supports iOS and Android-based devices. Aside from this, not all Windows Phone 8 devices even support NFC (near field transaction), which is what is needed for credit card readers to be able to read the contents of your Wallet.

Despite the limitations of the Wallet, it is still a nifty feature allowing you store not just your credit card and debit card information, but other fun stuff such as loyalty cards, membership cards, and coupons as well. Of course, with the lack of NFC support, this means that you mostly just get to use them for online transactions, but it still does makes online purchases via your HTC 8X more convenient.

Image via Windows Phone Store

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