Apr 17


Watch out for your slimming or weighting diet using your most valued portable mobile device. You can track your diet, monitor your health, and maintain your fitness by defining a diet of your own to get the nutrients that your body needs.

The use of your mobile phone is not just for your work and your busy lifestyle. It can also be a tool in achieving your weight goal. It will help you select the perfect diet plan that will match your diet goal. MyPersonalDiet not only track your diet but also your physical exercises.

For three consecutive years starting 2005, MyPersonalDiet have been a finalist in the Best Software Awards in Health and Fitness category for SmartPhone and Pocket PC.

Apr 9

Perfect Essays with Proofreading

Turning out the perfect essay is not just a matter of coming up with an interesting topic to expound on. It depends largely on your ability to string together sentences so that your ideas are presented clearly, and in such a way that captures your readers attention. You can obviously only do this if you have a firm grasp of the language you are using. If you don’t, you will end up with an essay peppered with grammatical errors, as well as awkward sentences that would significantly affect the quality of your essay.

The need to be fluent in the English language should, however, not discourage you from essay writing. Whatever your purpose for writing an essay might be, whether it be a requirement in school or to submit an article for publishing, you can still come up with the perfect essay with the help of proofreaders. Instead of agonizing over turning out a perfect essay, what you can do is just do your best to express your ideas in writing, and rely on the help of proofreaders to polish your work for you. With the help of a paper proofreader you can be sure that your essay will not only be free of spelling and grammatical errors, but also be more readable and easily understandable.

As your writing skills improve, you can start depending on proofreaders less. However, until the time comes that you are fully confident in your writing skills, relying on a paper proofreader for perfect essays is the sensible thing to do.

Apr 9

DVD to Pocket PC

post5.jpgWant to watch DVDs, home movies and other videos on your Pocket PC with full screen and stereo sound? This software is the fastest solution in the market that allows you to put movies in less than 45 minutes.

This application software will turn your Pocket PC to a carry around Pocket DVD player. Converted DVDs, home movies and TV can be watched in great quality. A small 128Mb memory card can serve as storage space for a full length feature film. Nothing will be installed on your Pocket PC, movies will run on the built-in Windows Media Player. The advantage of this software over the competition is that there is no installation on your Pocket PC. It just works out of the box.

Source: classic.pocketgear.com

Apr 2


loopt.jpgEver wanted a combination SMS, GPS and whatever you can throw into your portable or mobile coming together into one single app that’s unique? Then here’s Loopt, the sms, GPs referenced map that not only displays messages but tells you where in the world the guy or gal you’re sms’n is. It gives you distance and the message over a map and it gives you all this while it tracks you and your friends when you are most likely to meet each other due to close proximity (nifty if you want to avoid them too.) but over all it makes for one good social compass that tells you what, when and where you can get together with friends. Seeing each other and don’t where you’re meeting, you get to see their locations you both work your way towards each other. Looking for some place you need to be, its also a map that you can enter the street or address and click go to get pointed to the right direction. To always be in the know of who’s where and what’s happening where, Loopt!

Mar 26

Aces Omaha No Limit Software

Aces Omaha

Poker has been one of the online games that has been popular these days and you too can play with them on your mobile device with the Aces Omaha No Limit Software.

See and make your move by trying your hand with this popular poker game. The rules of the Aces Omaha No Limit Poker game are similar to Texas Hold’em.

Each player is dealt four cards and must create the best poker hand with two of the four cards. Combined with the five community cards, this gives each player six possible hands, increasing the potential opportunities for more winning hands and making the game more action packed and exciting.

(Source) Download.com

Mar 19

Backup with Backy

Backy is one of the new software releases from Pocket PC Central: Software Center for Windows touchscreen mobile devices. This pocket PC software lets you create full backup copies of your mobile files and allows you to exchange and/or transport emails, tasks, contacts and appointment from one mobile device to another. Also, you can backup devices such as storage cards and you can restore the files to a different location. It helps you synchronize your appointments and meetings with the use of its customizable profiles. Backy also has scheduling settings that permits you to have total control of your data and to give you the security you need for your mobile device.

Mar 12

WhatsApp with the Delay on the Messenger for the Windows Phone 8?

Got WhatsApp on your old smartphone and really disapointed that it is still not on pocketPCs toting the new Windows Phone 8?

If you are, you need not fear because WhatsApp Support has confirmed that they are indeed working on a Windows Phone version. Even better, they have promised that the new version will be 6 times faster than that of existing ones. The only problem is that they haven’t really given any clue as to when it will be out.

In the meantime, you can just go on paying for your text messages on your pretty HTC 8X. Of course, you can also just use your old smartphone if you’re too worried about your finances and wait till you can text, and send and receive pictures, audio notes, and video messages your friends for free again using the WhatsApp Messenger on your phone.

Image via WhatsApp

Mar 5

Addicted to news?


It’s like this: imagine yourself sitting in front of your laptop and getting all the latest news about sports, celebrity issues, real estate and the like in your email or your chosen application. But the problem is, you’ll be away for week or two for a business trip in Italy. That means no laptop for you for the next succeeding hours. Yes, you can bring your laptop anywhere you go, but surely it would be a hassle if you do your thing in the airport. But, if you’re dying to read your daily dose of news, Fetchit! can do it for you. It’ll deliver loads of news to you pocket PC or any Smartphone PLUS, a whole lot of other stuff like blogs, RSS feeds of websites and even Podcast!

Photo taken from http://www.pocketpcsoft.net

Feb 26

Control your home PC from anywhere around the globe!


If you travel a lot and already tired of bringing your laptop for business meeting abroad, then might as well leave your laptop at home, and download zaDesktop in your pocket PC. It’s a remote desktop software so you can manage your files even if you’re away. It’s like you’re not away from your laptop and getting those prepared presentations in your computer back home, won’t be of a hassle anymore. It supports any screen size (from the 640×480 resolution to 1024×768) and can connect with four of the most popular Windows OS (2000, 2003, XP, Vista, and 2008). The updated version also fixed some of the bug issues and the developer tweaked the program for it to work faster. The software is for free so better download your copy now for a “remotely” enjoying “light-packing” business trip!

Photo taken from http://www.pocketpcsoft.net

Feb 19

Gold Miner Joe

goldminerjoe.jpgBrings back memories of Super Mario and other action games that tests your reflexes as you travel through several mazes loaded with traps and challenges. Well, it actually has the feel and sense of Mario but with a different theme where you work as a miner out to get rich in the gold mines as you challenge and avoid trolls and other sinister characters he battles to get his riches. Its entertaining and a nice thing to have when you have junior fidgeting around in the back seat as you get stuck in rush-hour traffic. Try to avoid the sinister Kentucky brothers as they try to get your riches and kick your butt in the process. Its entertaining and challenging for players of all ages.

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