Jan 22

Windows Phone Recognition Software: Better Speed and Accuracy

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 6.38.08 PMVoice recognition is all the rage in mobile devices, with people wowed when Apple first introduced Siri. Of course, we know that Google has overtaken Apple since then.

Microsoft, not to be completely left behind also offers a pretty solid voice recognition feature for Windows Phone users called “Speech”. The good news for Windows Phone users who like or need to use Speech is that Microsoft their Speech recognition has gotten better. In fact, the “voice search and voice-to-text” features on Windows Phone 8 phones “are now up to twice as fast and 15 percent more accurate”. Unfortunately, the improvements only affect US users for now. So international users need not upgrade your phone OS anytime soon because it won’t have any effect at all.

So for US users at least, this is another excellent excuse to chunk out your old phone and “invest your finances” in a Windows 8 phone.

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Jan 15



ポケットPCは多機能、ハイテクで軽量な携帯装置で様々な機能を有し、働いているプロに最適です。 マイクロソフトは新しく発売したズーン(Zune)ハードウェアでライバルのipod技術に追いつけると確信しています。世界的な競争がこれらの会社の意識を高くし、精力的に新しい技術を取り組んだ製品を披露することにより世界市場シェアのリードを確保しようとしています。 競争相手はこれらの装置の価格を大きく下げ、手に入れやすくしました。 ポケットPCはインスタント・メッセンジャー、ミニテレビ(ワンセグ)、音声認識やその他多くの機能を自慢としています。 多くの目的に役に立つポケットPCは良い投資でしょう。 最大の目的の仕事の他にもレジャーや通信などにも役に立つでしょう。

Jan 8

HTC Phones

HTC phones are known for its elegant appearance and quality features. Focusing on HTC Windows phone which include HTC 8X, HTC Titan II, and HTC HD7S, these models vary in features and specifications that differently satisfies its consumers. HTC 8X is a Windows 8 programmed smartphone which is also considered to be one of most elegant looking phones of HTC. Its design alone, which includes a soft touch finish, makes more users be inclined to its usage. It is definitely a phone that one can bring anywhere and feel so proud to show. HTC Titan II, on the other hand, has quality features such as LTE 4G and a 16 megapixel camera which users will indeed enjoy. This model as well caters to video chat camera that enables easy communication. Lastly, HTC HD75 is known for its 5 megapixel camera. Also, it is referred to as a gaming phone and as well caters to an exceptional quality of music.

Jan 1

Increase your reflexes with this game!


Do you miss those old-school games like tetris and columns and don’t want the latest RPG games in your pocket PC? You can download Magic Bubble then! The cute little bubbles that have animated emotions whenever they’re touched are so hard to resist you might find yourself playing all day long. It tests your reflexive skills (some people have slow reflexes and so this might be good game for them to try to increase it), and it also sharpens your knack for decision making since the game’s goal is for you to align 3 bubbles of the same color. It is available on WM Smartphone, Pocket PC 5 and 6. Try it and start popping bubbles!

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Dec 25


mizpee.JPGEver had an urgent need for the nearest toilet with none in plain sight? Ever regretted going to the public toilet only to find that the last user took all the toilet paper? These questions might seem mundane till you happen to be in the same position with your up-sized drink wanting to come out or something you ate doesn’t agree with you, totally. Well here’s a nifty tool you can use to get the know in where the cleanest and well stocked toilets are in your vicinity. You also get information if the place requires a purchase to use the all humble toilet. You can even get the latest discounts and offers from stores in your vicinity, all because of MizPee, a site that can be accessed through your mobile or PocketPCs browser to get in the know of the nearest toilets so you can take care of that personal matter once and for all.

Dec 18

Call SMS Blocker

callsmsblocker.JPGFrom WinMobileApps, comes a nifty tool that allows you to block sms and calls from blacklisted people or sources. This tool gives you privacy when you need it the most, whether in a meeting or on a special date with your loved one those calls and sms just keep annoying and ruining the moment adding to stress and pressures of everyday life. It also has the ability to read most sim cards with the ability to synchronize with pocket outlook and other address book software allowing better archival and tracking information. The world of personal communications just got abit of a taste of its own medecine as people tend to sek more privacy in their daily lives and these types of apps gives you just that, even on the road.

Dec 11

Samsung Mondi

mondiThe Korean firm is set to release it’e own version of the pocketpc-type gadgets like the Shift and Athena with their release of the Mondi which looks like the Nokia 810 WiMax Internet Tablet. It sports Microsoft’s new Mobile OS 6.1 Professional with a slide-out querty keyboard. Opera 9.5 is bundled which makes a promising net enabled device for easy browsing and email access. The most outstanding feature of their version of this tablet PC is the fact that it has an HDMI output, along with 4 gigabytes of internal memory, a 3mega-pixel camera. One downside is that it is strictly a net device which has no call functions which is seen as their biggets mistake (just hope somebody gets some VoIP in there to make it all worthwhile). Being WiMax enabled makes it a very powerful wireless device indeed adding power to it’s WiFi powers. The only solution to this would indeed be somebody developing a very nifty soft-VoIP application to give it more bite.

Dec 4

Kindle for PC

Kindle put e-Book readers on the map and made even the most popular tablet manufacturers realize just how important e-Book readers are. Although the Kindle versions of today are much more than e-Book readers, it is still the great reading experience and Amazon’s wide variety of eBook offerings that puts Kindle in high demand not just on the device itself, but as an app.

The good news for tablet PC and pocket PC users is that the Kindle app is available for PC, and actually has been for some time. Kindle for PC is a free eBook reader app that you can use on your Windows-based laptop, desktop, and mobile devices. This means that there is no need to waste your money buying the same eBooks in a different format because you can read your Kindle eBooks on your PC. And the best thing about it is that you can read the same book on different devices with different operating systems (e.g. your Kindle then your laptop) without having to scan pages because Kindle’s Whispersync technology will help you pick up where you left off.

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Nov 27

Antivirus Protection in the Next Generation

image-1.jpgHaving a hard time defending your mobile devices from viruses? There�s nothing to worry about now. Airscanner Corporation has released their newest version of antivirus for Windows mobile handhelds and it was last updated on January 13, 2008. Airscanner Antivirus 3.0 is so advanced and easy to use. It is a very useful tool for increased threat of virus attacks. Some features of this are: isolation and eradication of airborne viruses and malware, quick scanning, automatic online updates, very advanced and granular scheduler, advanced task manager, and detect different malicious files with expert tools. It also has a 30 day trial version. This software requires a Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 or 2003SE Smartphone or Pocket PC, and 2 MB of RAM.

Nov 20

iPhone 3G Comes Prepared for Geo-Aware Apps

The newly released iPhone 3GS is one of the newest additions to the world of smartphones that have resulted in the combination of the world of mobiles and PDA’s. Loaded with support for geo-aware applications, it makes for very powerful images that comes with complete location information included. The new compass application, a native app that comes out of the box is quite nifty to make sure you know where you are with respect to the world. Want to use mashables, messaging while you get to see your proximity from friends you may be meeting, then try out the new iPhone 3GS, the most powerful one yet.

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